Queen’s Young Leaders


The Queen’s Young Leaders (QYL) Award was set up to reward the achievements of 120 inspirational young people across the Commonwealth. As part of the award the winners and runners-up take part in Leading Change – an online course to provide them with tools and a frameworks to support their projects.


Open Change was asked to develop and deliver course materials on leadership, participation and networking in formats that were engaging and accessible to participants.

What we did

Open Change worked with a number of inspiring individuals to develop original content. We teamed up with Andy Young to develop a short introduction to Service Design to help the QYL observe how people experience services, understand their behaviours and motivations and apply the learning back to their award winning projects. Pete Mosley, author of the Art of Shouting Quietly and Lauren Currie of Hyper Island shared tips and techniques on connecting with others and creating nurturing networks.


 The Queen’s Young Leaders applied their learning to projects ranging from bridging fractured communities in post-conflict Sri Lanka to advocating for people with sickle cell anemia in Dominica to supporting digital entrepreneurship in Zambia.

Participants found the course helpful both to reflect on where they were working strongly, and areas where they could put more work in. They were great at making connections between different exercises and like true leaders – made decisions about which exercises to focus on to develop areas important to their projects and future aspirations.

What People Said

“I wouldn’t have made a connection (to a mentor) without the ‘push’ from the QYL.”

“(There were) timely reminders and encouragement for role modelling in leadership and I’ve really enjoyed that. “

“I’ve started following Lauren’s advice on saying thank you, and reached out to my mentors.”