Service Design Network UK Conference

The first UK Service Design Network Conference was held at RIBA in London in June 2016, organised by Alex Nisbett of Engine and Ruth Watson of Nile.

Talks covered the social, commercial and future impact of service Design.

Open Change was delighted to take part in the conference with Director Hazel White presenting in the social impact session on Building Capacity for Service Design in the Public Sector – can everyone be a Service Designer? Associate Director Mike Press spoke in the future impact Session on Service Design – making a difference in a small city.

Hazel sketchnoted a number of the talks.

Highlights included Louise Downe, Head of Design at Government Digital Services (GDS) talking about how most services were not designed for the internet age, and many parts of government wishing ‘the internet would just go away’.

Andrea Siodmok and Cat Drew of Policy Lab talked about the importance of quantitative research being combined with qualitative research – using stories to humanise data.

Jenni Lennox and Rebekka Bush of Service Design agency, Nile and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) talked about The People’s Money: the design of RBS’s new £5 note – describing how a complex process of co-design glued together with service design techniques replaced the traditional consultancy process.

Nick Leon from the Royal College of Art talked passionately on the redesign of work – how systems, processes and culture of work should be designed for dignity.

We also heard great talks from Transport for London and Deloitte Digital on using disruptive mobile technology  to improve services for staff and customers at Victoria Coach Station and Hellon on using Live Labs to prototype services for Finavon who run Helsinki airport.

The resounding call to action was from Carrie Bishop of FutureGov – in this post-Brexit, confused and divided UK landscape – it’s up to us to work with disenfranchised communities and enable people to connect. You can download all our sketchnotes from SDN.

SDN Sketchnotes2.001