Brainstorming is used at early stages of the design process, as it brings a large amount of ideas to the table, without excluding, judging, and refining them.


Brainstorming is an ideation process used when desired to generate many ideas – not focusing on their refinement.


Brainstorming is a tool for quick generation of a lot of new ideas that can add options to an existing process, or to help form a new project. An alternative option of brainwriting empowers the silent voices and allows for greater diversity.


It is important to give every participant an equal opportunity to contribute to discussion. No ideas should be dismissed or judged. Speed and quantity is desired at this stage, quality and taking of circumstances into account comes in later. Extravagant ideas should be encouraged.


  • Square sticky notes
  • ‘Sharpie’ type pens
  • A wall/a large sheet of paper

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