Developing the young workforce

We recently worked in partnership with Dundee City Council to bring together people involved in the delivery and use of employment services for young people to discover how these services are currently experienced by the under 25s in the city. Understanding what young people bring to the workforce, and understanding the barriers to them getting into and staying in work, helps the City Council develop more effective services.

We planned and facilitated two one day events that brought together those involved in the planning and delivery of employment services for young people with the young people themselves. The aim was to find out what works, what doesn’t work, and help council staff ‘walk in the shoes’ of young people in order to understand the barriers and opportunities they have, and challenge assumptions around qualifications, attitudes, recruitment and support. Recognising what young people offer in terms of energy, enthusiasm and resilience was as one participant described, “humbling”. Using the experiences of the young people to develop user-journeys and personas will help build services, based on real evidence and experience – that get the right information and support to the right people at the right time.

This short video provides a flavour of the event, and the aspirations of the young people involved.

As the City Council has said: “The approach taken and methods used placed young people right at the heart of focused conversations and discussions that aimed to capture their experiences, insights and aspirations. As many of the participants observed, this represented an effective and powerful approach and, if applied further, could be a means by which they have a real say in the redesign on employment services for young people in Dundee.” The outcomes and prototypes developed over the two days now form the basis for the redesign of council services.

You can read the full 36 page report on this project by clicking the image below:


Further details on Developing the Young Workforce on the Dundee City Council website.