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Dundee City Council (DCC), the aim of our work was to redesign services and procedures to improve employment opportunities for young people with the Council.


Leadership Development

Developing the Young Workforce

City of Design Academy – Improving Parent-Teacher Communication in schools


June 2015 – present


We have worked with Dundee City Council on a number of projects, ranging from leadership training, project development with cross-departmental teams and the Developing the Young Workforce initiative – shown in the video above.

In December 2016, we partnered with Dundee City Council to bring together people involved in the delivery and use of employment services for young people to discover how these services are currently experienced by the under 25s in the city.

The key mission was putting young people at the heart of conversations, which was achieved by planning and facilitating two one-day events, which aimed to identify areas of focus, and to help council staff ‘walk in the shoes’ of young people. Recognising what young people offer in terms of energy, enthusiasm and resilience was as one participant described, “humbling”. This led directly to eight new service proposals and improvements by cross-service teams from the City Council which have made a significant impact on the employment of young people.

Since September 2016, we have collaborated with the Council on delivering the Dundee City of Design Academy. The academy is a structured programme which combines solving a real world problem over the course of a number of full day workshops, with learning how to use design thinking techniques in future to solve other problems and redesign services. The Council has also used GovJam as part of its organisational development.

“It will be the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the next generation which will make change happen”

– Heather Campbell, DCC Modern Apprentice

Further information

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