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Global Gov Jam

70+ participants from public, business and voluntary sector in Dundee, Globally 15K+ Jammers. We ran the Global headquarters for GovJam in 2018, with co-founder Adan St John Lawrence joining us to co-ordinate the 30+ jams from Lima to Melbourne.


Introducing a wide audience to Service Design Thinking.


Dundee, Global


Annual event takes place in 30+ countries worldwide, over 48 hours.


Since 2017, Dundee under the leadership of Open Change has taken part in Global GovJams; annual events taking place in more than 30 countries across the world. Participants from a range of organisations use dynamic, interactive approaches to service design over 48 hours to rethink the design of public services.

Steven Kyle, Dundee City Council’s Transformation Programme Manager talks about his experience as a mentor in GovJam 2017 in this blog post.

Read more about Dundee Global GovJam in our blog here.

GovJam newspaper co-authored by many of those involved worldwide.

Councillor Lynne Short also shared her reflections from 2018 GovJam in a guest post.

“I intended to pop in and find out a bit more about the project. Forty-eight hours later… I was still there! I loved every minute of it – as a councillor, it was inspiring to be in amongst so many public servants passionate about what they do – here and all over the world.” 

Dundee City Council Leader John Alexander dropped in, to talk to participants and share his enthusiasm for innovation and design thinking.


If you want to find out more about Global GovJams, go to the central website www.govjam.org or for all Jam events to www.globaljams.org. For Dundee GovJam, go to www.dundeegovjam.org. Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter @GSJDudee or search for the hashtag #DNDGovJam or #GGovJam.

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The official website of Dundee GovJam hosted by Open Change.

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