Health and Social Care: Designed in Dundee

Open Change recently facilitated a get together of people who are passionate and involved in making Health and Social Care work better.

Health and Social Care: Designed in Dundee is a network initiated by Professor Jean Ker, Dean of Innovation and Medical Education at the University of Dundee, aiming to bring together a diverse group of people interested in making change happen in healthcare. Thirty people from the NHS, social care, social enterprises, design, entrepreneurship and the V&A Dundee gathered in the convivial setting of a local bar. Facilitated by Mike Press and supported by Taylor Stillie, the evening aimed to create the foundations for a series of events to be held throughout 2016. We devised a one hour workshop that focused participants on the following questions:
1.    What are the challenges in Healthcare?
2.    How do I innovate/develop/make a change?

A full report of the event can be read here, but in summary what did the networking event establish?

  • The value of networking was highlighted in many of the feedback comments. Bringing together diverse specialisms, ages and backgrounds was clearly valued and contributed to rich discussions which drew on these varied perspectives.
  • Service design tools have considerable potential to be applied in this field. They offer a means of harnessing diverse expertise in a collaborative creative endeavour. While the event only scratched the surface of this potential, it opens up considerable scope for further application. Some of the ideas generated during the evening represent a sound basis for further innovative development.
  • An appetite for further action from all those present. Everyone saw value in taking this forward in a number of different ways: refining some of the ideas generated during the evening itself, applying these methods to the specific challenges facing particular teams, more regular events of the same type. In short, colleagues want this type of creative collaboration to be turned into concrete action.
  • UNESCO City of Design provides us with an opportunity to use design thinking as an inclusive tool to involve patients, carers, medical practitioners, designers and others in reshaping health and social care in our city and region. On one evening we demonstrated how we can practice healthcare innovation in a pub. The challenge is to take this forward, involve more people and practice healthcare innovation in more of the pubs, clubs, schools, community centres and places of worship in Dundee.