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Personas are a series of fictitious characters created to represent different groups of people.


Personas are fictitious character ‘cards’ based on real data gathered from interviews or observations and research, bringing together their characteristics, experiences and needs.


Personas provide an anonymous but believable character to focus on and design for. They encourage people to focus on the needs of the persona, rather than revert to their own personal biases. This helps to an understanding of the range of needs when designing a service.


Create a set of personas representing both staff and users by completing the below provided template based on gathered insights, giving them a plausible name and a face.
The sections covered can be adjusted to fit your organisation. The speech bubble captures a powerful quote, highlighting the main focus of that character.

The template has an expiry date at the bottom – you should update personas regularly – people’s needs, technology and the policies that affects them change frequently.


  • ‘Sharpie’ type pens
  • Sticky notes
  • Persona template (or create your own)
  • Anonymise your data

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Personas were originally developed by Alan Cooper to help develop software effectively.

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