The Queen’s Young Leaders


Queen’s Young Leaders University of Cambridge


Module Leader, Change by Design, QYL Leading Change Programme


2014 – June 2018


The Queen’s Young Leaders Award was set up to reward the achievements of 120 inspirational young people across the Commonwealth each year. As part of the award the winners and runners-up take part in Leading Change – an online and residential course to provide them with tools and a frameworks to support their projects.

Hazel White and Andy Young delivered course materials on design thinking and service design that were engaging and accessible to participants.

The Queen’s Young Leaders applied their learning to projects ranging from bridging fractured communities in post-conflict Sri Lanka to advocating for people with sickle cell anemia in Dominica to supporting digital entrepreneurship in Zambia.

“Change by Design changed my view of things, especially programming or programme designing. For new projects designed before, it was always about me and what I wanted to be out there. I expected the clients to take it up and flow with it.
From the learnings from the module, I designed the model village project that is growing, fully supported by the community,”

– Dean Benjamin, South Africa (2016)

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