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This is Service Design Doing – Stickdorn, M. et al. (2018) This is Service Design Doing. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly Media, Inc.

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35th episode of This is HDC Podcast on Making Change through Design

52nd episode of CCC Podcast featuring Open Change Director Hazel White
70th episode of CCC Podcast featuring Open Change Director Mike Press

Coordinating 30+ locations worldwide of Global GovJam in 2018

Contributing with Expert Comments to TISDD (2018)

Service Design Through Rip + Mix, Touchpoint Vol 6(1)

Feature on multiple episodes of The Service Design Show


Press, M. and White, H. (2014) ‘Service Design Through Rip + Mix’, Touchpoint: the Journal of Service Design, 6(1), pp. 70-74.

The V&A Dundee Design Champions are described as “inspirational designers creating high-quality work and helping to enhance people’s lives, or champions of the power of design to improve the world.”  We are honoured to have been named Design Champions for the V&A, which opened in September 2018, for bringing people together to create positive changes for communities, companies and public sector organisations, all powered by design.

Open Change has also been interviewed as part of numerous podcasts. In early 2018, Director Hazel White spoke for the Creative Chit Chat Podcast hosted by Ryan McLeod, where she talks ignoring advice and knowing when it’s time to move on to something new. Later in the same year, Mike Press, Director of Open Change, was dedicated an episode of CCC Podcast, discussing unsuccessful school years, social activism, traveling, as well as the role that privilege and luck played in his career. This is HCD’s Episode 35 featured Open Change in late 2018, focusing on Making Change through Design.

We are proud to be contributors to the co-designed book This Is Service Design Doing. The book has 4 Editors, 96 co-authors and 205 contributors. Open Change Directors Mike Press and Hazel White give experts tips on personas,  journey maps and prototyping.

Since 2013, Open Change has worked with Dundee Jam, supporting and sponsoring them to run a variety of fast-paced design events as part of the Global Design Jam Family. After running the Dundee GovJam for the first time in 2017 we became global headquarters for the event in 2018. You can find our more here.

We have been featured on The Service Design Show, a YouTube channel broadcasting conversation related to service design. You can watch the episode above, or find more topics we’ve spoken about on the channel here.


“We are proud to welcome Hazel and Mike to the rapidly growing group of V&A Dundee Design Champions, as committed advocates of the power of design to change lives – by giving professionals and communities the tools and confidence to come together to make those changes themselves.”

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