Rip + Mix

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Rip+Mix is a fast, effective and engaging idea generation tool to help encourage creative and innovative thinking.


Rip+Mix is a simple way of applying lateral thinking to ‘pain points’ in your service. Using this fast, intuitive method, a pleasurable service or product is analysed, aspects of which are applied to address quick improvements in desired areas of your service/product.


The simple analysis tools unpack parts of the design process which are often left to intuition. This helps to think creatively about how existing products or services can be transformed or new ones developed.


A pleasurable product or service from the Rip+Mix card deck is analysed in terms of its function, who has a stake in its success, how it makes users feel etc. The same process is then applied to a product or service in your organisation. Aspects of the two are mixed in a very fast, intuitive way to think of new or improved offerings.


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Read about developing the tool in our research paper.
Press, M., Bruce, F-S., White, H. and Chow, R. (2011) ‘Rip + Mix developing and evaluating a new design method in which the designer becomes a DJ’, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the European Academy of Design.

Press, M. and White, H. (2014) ‘Service Design Through Rip + Mix’, Touchpoint: the Journal of Service Design, 6(1), pp. 70-74.


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