SDA Taster Day

Observational Research Guidance


Go to a transport interchange and observe.

  1. busy city centre bus stop next to Primark
  2. bus station
  3. railway station ticket hall

Your objectives

To observe, analyse and draw insights from how people behave and interact with service touchpoints (timetables, signage, ticket machines, etc).

Do you notice any difficulties? Do different types of people behave differently (based on age, ability, etc)? How accessible is this interchange?

Key points to consider

  • Take sharpies and post-its with you and/or a small notebook.
  • Talk as you walk.
  • Observe and take notes and photographs to record what you have experienced.
  • Do not interview people.
  • You don’t need permission to photograph in public places – but remember that places like shopping malls are not public places.
  • Focus on identifying barriers and opportunities.
  • Photographs of you as a group, your notes, and general shots can be posted on twitter using the hashtag #SDATASTER
  • Think how you will tell your story and share your insights

When you get back

You have 15 minutes to sort out your story.

Then each group has 5 minutes to tell it!