The Double Diamond

The Double Diamond defines four common stages of a design process.

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The Design Council has mapped out shared processes of designing across disciplines, highlighting the commonalities of a creative process. It is divided into 4 phases – discover, define, develop and deliver, indicating with its shape that idea creation and refinement happens twice – by re-testing our prototypes.


“Breaking” prototypes and continuously testing ideas by seeing suggested solutions from various perspectives and putting users at the heard of the design process leads to designing services with most beneficial value to the end user, as well as to anyone involved in the process of interaction.


Discover – Starting a project takes up the first quarter of the model. Problem identification, insights gathering and ideas creation take place.
Define – In the second quarter, designers make sense of what they had defined at previous stage. In this phase, we prioritise, set goals, and define potential steps.
Develop – Next, development of solutions or concepts takes place, followed by prototyping, testing and reiteration. Do not be scared of failing.
Delivery – At the final delivery stage, resulting project is produced. However, the stages can be repeated multiple times with the help of many of the tools and methods which you can find detailed here.

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